Elders Massage

Gentle touch at your pace

Using intuitive techniques, this massage will work with your individual features and needs to provide the perfect platform for helping you to unwind, feel relaxed and receive a gentle touch.  Slow and long strokes are used to warm muscles and provide relaxing movement to joints, paying particular attention to any areas of tightness or tension.

This massage is suitable for those who would like a slow and gentle massage where your needs take priority and communication is key.  It is suitable for older clients, clients needing a delicate touch without pressure, or those recuperating from minor ailments.

Your initial consultation will include a 10 minute consultation to take into account your needs and any medical conditions so that your massage can work with any specific requirements you have.  


Initial Consultation | £52.00 (includes 10 minute consultation and 45 minute treatment). 

Subsequent Treatments | £52.00 for 45 minutes.


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