Carrier Oil Massage

Balance Your Chi

This unique massage will be matched to your specific skin needs and inner health on the day of treatment.  Carrier oils will be selected and blended to complement your inner and outer self in order to help maximise your vitality and restore you to your vibrant self. 

A consultation will determine what you are looking to achieve from your massage and you can choose from a classic full body massage, or focus on your back, shoulders and neck with intuitive massage techniques.

Your initial treatment will include a 10 minute consultation to cover your medical history and issues so that your massage can be tailored to fit your unique body and mind. 

You will be given a small vial of your uniquely blended oil to use at home between treatments.


Initial Consultation | £62.00 (includes 10 minute consultation, 45 minute treatment, uniquely blended oils and vial of oil for home-use).

Subsequent Treatments | £62.00 for 45 minutes and vial of oil for home-use.


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